[Ip-health] TDF+FTC patent application in Thailand

Jockey jockey.kit at gmail.com
Wed Jul 25 21:11:36 PDT 2012

Dear all,

This is to give an update on the TDF+FTC patent application in Thailand.

According to our friends and colleagues (Nimit and Supatra) who is now at
the IAC, they had a meeting with Aaron Brinkworth and Gregg Alton of Gilead
on July 23.  One of them is the Vice President of  Gilead.  They raised our
concerns and condemned the TDF+FTC patent requests that Gilead is now
filing in Thailand. The VP "verbally" agreed that he would order the office
in Thailand to withdraw the applications.

I also received an information from an AFP journalist that the spokesman of
Gilead in the USA responded his question something like they are "in the
process" of telling Thai authorities that we are "not going to pursue this
(the patents) any further.

However, we cannot rest assured until the patent applications are really
withdrawn.  We need to keep an eye on this and monitor.  By the way,  our
point is the flawed patent registration system managed by the DIP.  If the
system is not revised or improved, such poor-quality patent applications
will be submitted and probably granted again.  We are requesting the DIP to
develop and use a new patentability guidelines for pharmaceutical products
to detect the similar cases as TDF+FTC.  According to the Director General
of DIP on the day we had a forum and did a pop-mob, the guideline will be
finished by the end of August.



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