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   July 27, 2012

[1]Why civil society engagement is critical to achieving maximum impact at
the Global Fund.
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   AGENDA : July, 27

   FRSY01 Looking to the Future in HIV and TB
   Symposia Session
   Venue: Session Room 1
   Time: 27.07.2012, 11:00-12:30
   Co-Chairs: Mark Harrington, United States
   Diane Havlir, United States

   FRSY03 Intersection of HIV and Non-Communicable Diseases
   Symposia Session
   Venue: Session Room 3
   Time: 27.07.2012, 11:00-12:30
   Co-Chairs: Jorge Perez-Avila, Cuba
   William Powderly, Ireland

   FRPL03 Closing Session
   Plenary Session
   Venue: Session Room 1
   Time: 27.07.2012, 15:15-17:00
   15:15 Slideshow of conference highlights
   15:20 Remarks and introduction
   D.Havlir, United States
   15:25 Remarks N.Pelosi, United States
   15:30 Remarks from the co-organizers A.Zakowicz, Poland I.McKnight,
   15:40 Closing remarks and introduction of incoming IAS
   President E.Katabira, Uganda
   15:50 Presidential award
   E.Katabira, Uganda F.Barré-Sinoussi, France
   15:55 Inaugural address
   F.Barré-Sinoussi, France
   16:05 Looking ahead to AIDS 2014
   S.Lewin, Australia
   16:10 Asia/Pacific community speaker L.Garcia, Philippines
   16:20 Shared address by the Federal Minister of Health,
   Australia and the Victoria Minister of Health
   T.Plibersek, Australia D.Davis, Australia
   16:25 Keynote address
   W.Clinton, United States
   16:55 Handover of the globe
   D.Havlir, United States E.Katabira, Uganda F.Barré-Sinoussi, France
   S.Lewin, Australia
   15:01 - 17:00

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[4]DNP+ and nice other organizations receive Red Ribbon at the International
AIDS conference
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   ’Delhi Network of Positive People (DNP+) and nine others organizations
   receive prestigious Red Ribbon Award for innovative response to AIDS.
   ’DNP+ in India seeks to improve the treatment and facilities for PLHIV
   and provides a platform to help empower patients to make informed
   treatment decisions. Over the years the group’s work has expanded from
   a support group to service delivery and human rights advocacy.’

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[7]HEP C activists interrupt a session on treatment and diagnostic sponsored
by Roche
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[8]Activists Protest Canadian Minster of Health’s Address at International
AIDS Conference
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   “July 25, 2012 – Demonstrators turned their back on Leona Aglukka, the
   Canadian Minister of Health during her opening remarks at the North
   American Regional Session at the AIDS 2012 XIX International AIDS
   Conference this afternoon. Activists from AIDS ACTION NOW! and Insite
   Vancouver addressed the Minister during her speech regarding her record
   of denying the science and evidence of harm reduction, as well as cuts
   to HIV programs across the country. The Minster – whose inaction and
   complacency on harm reduction, as well as recently implementing cuts to
   health and social services in Canada - have earned her vocal criticism
   from health professionals during the conference.

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[11]Giten Khwairakpam, treatment advocate speaks about Treatment for
Hepatitis C
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[13]Hepatitis C Treatment : Patient groups and civil society optimistically
await a critical judgment in India
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   For Immediate Release- 26 July 2012, Bangkok: As HIV becomes an
   increasingly manageable chronic infection in resource-limited settings,
   more people are now dying of complications from co-infections with
   hepatitis C virus, undermining the global successes of HIV treatment
   scale-up. However, in spite of recent advances in the treatment of
   hepatitis C virus infection many people in Asia struggle to access it,
   due to the limited availability of generic pegylated interferon – a key
   component of effective treatment regimens.

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[16]Let’s learn from HIV activists how to achieve zero tuberculosis deaths
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[17]by Salmaan Keshavjee
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   The International AIDS Conference is gathering thousands of people,
   from patients to researchers to activists, to achieve nothing less than
   an "end to the HIV epidemic." And although the epidemic is still
   claiming way too many lives, recent advances in research, treatment,
   and prevention have been nothing but phenomenal. As someone who has
   been fighting another deadly scourge, tuberculosis (TB), for more than
   15 years, I find myself wondering : what can we learn from HIV
   activists ?
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[20]MDR-TB - Reflections
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   Reflections on MDR-TB by Paul Thorn.
   I was asked to give a patient perspective of my own experience of
   MDR-TB for NTP managers from all over Europe recently in London. I was
   giving the talk at a building very near The Natural History Museum in
   South Kensington. For those that have never been there, I encourage you
   to do so. Every British school child goes there at some time. No one
   can fail to be captivated by the dinosaur bones, the mummies of the
   ancient Egyptian’s and all sorts of other curios.

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   [24]Interview of Sylvere Bukiki on Treatment Stock outs in West Africa
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[26]Catching Children Before They Fall : Addressing Urgent Needs in
Developing Drugs for Young Children Living with HIV
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   Remarks by Stephen Lewis at the XIX International AIDS Conference

   ’Washington, DC, July 22, 2012

   Tucked away in Polly Clayden’s remarkable chapter on The Pediatric
   Antiretroviral Pipeline, is a trenchant observation that seems to me to
   be the essence of this satellite session. She writes: “...

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[29]MSF releases a briefing on the TPP and access to medicines
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   ’MSF has released a briefing on the TPP and access to medicines during
   the International Aids conference (IAC) that is taking place in
   Washington, DC this week. The briefing note is focused on the impact
   that US government demands on the Intellectual Property chapter will
   have on access to medicines in developing countries.

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   An initiativ of Interational Treatment Prepareness Coalition

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