[Ip-health] Re Comments on Europe

George Carter fiar at verizon.net
Thu Mar 15 04:15:30 PDT 2012

To whom it concerns,

I'm writing in regard to your comments, made here:


For example, Mr. Read claims: "Europe is not paying its fair share of innovation."

To which I say--nonsense. Indeed, having watched people die because of you and companies like yours holding peoples' lives hostage for your outrageous ransom demands, I have no pity for your ersatz or, perhaps, delusional, worries about innovation.

Because as far as that goes? The notion that innovation somehow requires charging stratospheric and psychotic, arbitrary prices while destabilizing or destroying healthcare systems in the process is, if you'll pardon the expression, patently absurd. Indeed, all evidence underscores that this perversion of "intellectual property" that justifies economically genocidal pricing strategies not only blocks access but substantially INHIBITS genuine innovation.

I hope that you will get out of Europe--and the US. Indeed, I'm sincerely hoping your company collapses and goes the way of the dinosaur, making way for true, open-source, patient-centered innovation that finds cures for serious diseases and not merely lines the pockets of thieves and murderers like you. The vile notions associated with this model of "drug discovery through fiscal rape" have been a disgrace, a sham and, for people living with chronic diseases, a far too often lethal lie.

George M. Carter
62 Sterling Pl., #2
Brooklyn, NY 11217

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