[Ip-health] New Essay on the Impact of TRIPS accepted for publication in top journal

thomas pogge thomas.pogge at yale.edu
Mon Mar 19 02:10:20 PDT 2012

/*Review of Economics and Statistics*/

"Investments in Pharmaceuticals Before and After TRIPS"

The TRIPS Agreement, which specifies minimum levels of 
intellectual property protection for
countries in the World Trade Organization, has increased 
levels of patent protection around the
world. Using variation across countries in the timing of 
patent laws and the severity of disease, we
test the hypothesis that increased patent protection results 
in greater drug development effort. We
find that patent protection in wealthy countries is 
associated with increases in research and
development (R&D) effort. However, the introduction of 
patents in developing countries has not
been followed by greater R&D investment in the diseases that 
are most prevalent there.

Margaret K. Kyle, Toulouse School of Economics, IDEI, and 
CEPR; margaret.kyle at tse-fr.eu
Anita M. McGahan, Rotman School of Management and Munk 
School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto; and
            Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness, 
Harvard University; amcgahan at rotman.utoronto.ca

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