[Ip-health] Switzerland postpones signature of ACTA

Patrick Durisch durisch at ladb.ch
Wed May 9 03:30:12 PDT 2012

In its today's session, the Swiss government has decided to postpone the signature of ACTA.


The official press release in French/German/Italian is available here <http://www.news.admin.ch/message/index.html?lang=fr&msg-id=44484> .


The response of the Swiss Federal Council to a letter from the Commission on Foreign Affairs of the Parliament says that  "Switzerland will re-examine the issue when new elements on which to base its decision will be at disposal. These elements might be the results of the ongoing procedures within 5 EU Member States which have postponed the signature of ACTA, the conclusions of the examination by the ECJ regarding the conformity of ACTA, or the advancement of the ratification processes at the EU level." (unofficial, quick & dirty translation)






Déclaration de Berne - Berne Declaration

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