[Ip-health] R&D resolution negotiations are over

Jamie Love james.love at keionline.org
Fri May 25 09:38:26 PDT 2012

And earlier than anticipated.   The draft resolution has no brackets,
and will be considered formally on Saturday.  It is two pages long,
and we don't have an electric copy yet, but the most important outcome
is the decision to "hold an open-ended Member States meeting"  that
will consider the CEWG recommendations, with follow up at the next
WHA.   It does not say that much, which reflects the deep divisions,
and the determined efforts of Nils Daulaire/USA, the French and some
EU delegates to kill the initiative.  But the negotiations will
continue, and it becomes every more important to raise public and
political profile of the issue, and the level of political engagement
in the USA and other countries.   Things have to get above the
technical conservative bureaucrats if anything significant will be
accomplished.  But for a project that was officially killed by the
Obama Administration in 2009, and again by the Mary Moran/EWG report
in 2010, we just spent the week negotiating how negotiations will
begin.  So the forbidden fruit of the WHO is now looking more ripe and
less poisonous than many would have expected.

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