Danny Edwards edwards at cohred.org
Fri Oct 5 07:38:31 PDT 2012

Dear Colleagues,

COHRED would like to invite you to join with us in our 'Call for Global Leadership'  to those Member States of the WHO participating in next month's meeting to discuss the WHO CEWG report .  This report is the outcome of a process set up to address the fact that resourcing for R&D currently fails to address the needs of developing countries.

Please read and consider the info at the following link: www.cohred.org/cewgcall

We believe there is a clear need for decisive action. The current incentive systems for research and development are failing to address the needs of developing countries, leaving millions of people without affordable access to the products they need for the conditions they suffer from. Global health research resource flows to low and middle-income countries remain poorly co-ordinated with national research agendas, while failing to consistently support and build their national research and innovation systems, systems which ultimately would support these countries in making the transition from aid-dependence.

If you, like us, endorse the report's recommendations for:
The proposal for a global convention for research and development financing, especially insofar as it has potential to support the research and innovation capacities of developing countries, and to promote country led research agendas.
The proposal for enhanced co-ordination of resource and development funding, especially insofar as these activities, when conducted at the national level, would place greater power in the hands of countries to align the funding available with national research agendas.
Then please send your organisation's logo to cewgcall at cohred.org before October 31 2012.

This call will then be presented and available at the member states meeting.

Best wishes,


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