[Ip-health] GSK board to see India's potential

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Below is an extract of edited transcript of the interview on CNBC-TV18.

*Q: What's your opinion on patent issue and how do you view the debate that
patent is equal to pricing?*

*A:* First of all, intellectual property protection is an important aspect
of ensuring that innovation is rewarded. We want to do that because we want
to incentivise researchers to conduct more high-risk research and so we
believe strongly in the role of intellectual property protection.

For me, pricing is completely a separate discussion. The period of
exclusivity in a country shouldn’t determine what price that is charged.
The fluffiness about price should be driven by the value it creates in the
system. So, it should offer good value-for-money proposition in the system
and of course, meet the affordability of the people whom you are asking to
pay for it.

At GSK that we will continuously strive to defend intellectual property,
but more importantly, defend tier pricing to make sure that we have
appropriate pricing for the affordability of the country and that’s why, in
my personal view, our business in India has been so successful for so long.

We have allowed that business to really be an Indian business,
GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals India is not some American or European
operation transplanted into India.

*Q: You are trying to be an Indian company that services Indian needs at
Indian prices?*

*A:* Correct. Our Indian businesses sell more volumes than anywhere else in
the world. What need to be recognised is that India has an unique identity.
One has to be very clear that pricing should be much more driven by
affordability and create value in the society that one wants to trade in.

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