[Ip-health] Avaaz petition against TPP secrecy

Stephanie Rosenberg srosenberg at citizen.org
Fri Sep 14 12:32:04 PDT 2012

24 hours left for Avaaz petition against the TPP secrecy. Avaaz is trying to reach a million by Saturday to deliver the petition to the TPP negotiators in Leesburg, VA, USA. Sign here and pass it on: http://www.avaaz.org/en/stop_the_corporate_death_star/?bLOzmdb&v=17850

Details are leaking of a top-secret, global corporate power grab of breathtaking scope -- attacking everything from a free Internet to health and environmental regulations, and we have just 4 days to stop it. 

Big business has a new plan to fatten their pockets: a giant global pact, with an international tribunal to enforce it, that is kept top secret for years (even from our lawmakers!) and then brought down like a Death Star on our democracies. Big Tobacco, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Walmart and almost 600 other corporate lobbyists are all in on the draft -- including limits on smoking laws, affordable medicines and free speech on the Net.

The latest round of negotiations ends in just 1 day -- but outcries in each of our countries could shake the confidence of negotiators and scuttle the talks forever. Let's get to a million against the global corporate takeover. Sign below and forward widely. Avaaz will project our petition counter on the walls of the conference so negotiators can see the opposition to their plan exploding in real time:


Stephanie Rosenberg
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