[Ip-health] popular booklet on Model Provisions for Uganda's Industrial Properties' Bill of 2009

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Below is the announcement of a booklet capturing efforts to maximize TRIPS flexibilities in proposed amendments to the Uganda Industrial Property Bill.  I'm forwarding the announcement from the Center for Health Human Rights and Development.  I would like to congratulate UNDP for helping to organize and fund this activity and for the engagement of Ugandan civil society activists and government officials who worked hard to try to master and codify all relevant TRIPS flexibilities.

We would like to share with you a popular booklet on Model Provisions for Uganda's Industrial Properties' Bill of 2009 that is currently before Parliament. It can be accessed online at  http://www.cehurd.org/wp-content/uploads/downloads/2012/09/IP-Bill-model-provisions.pdf .

The booklet was developed from recommendations developed in meetings convened and coordinated by ministry of Trade, Industry and cooperatives (MTIC) and the Center for Health, Human rights and Development with funding Support of UNDP.

The first meeting was an expert consultation on the Industrial Properties Bill, of 2009 organized on the dates of 29th and 30th March 2012 at the Entebbe Botanical Beach Hotel to inform, educate, create an awareness of the likely impact of the proposed law and highlight areas for revision there in to average Ugandans.

The meeting was attended by stakeholders from the Ministry of trade, M.Ps on the parliamentary committee on legal Affairs, the Social services committee, Uganda law society, senior lawyers from Ministry of Justice, Uganda Registration Services Bureau, National Drug Authority (NDA), Uganda National Bureau of Standards, Center for Health, Human Rights and Development, UNDP, SEATINI, HEPS Uganda, among others.

With support from UNDP, we had expert consultants from Geneva (Ms. Sangeeta) and the US (Prof. Brook Baker) take us through a clause by clause analysis of the Industrial Properties law of 2009 and its effects on ordinary Ugandans. We realized from this meeting that our law was not favoring access to medicines, local research and innovation, it criminalized what should be lawful production of medicines in Uganda, had no or vague flexibilities to allow access to medicines. As such it was not a good law in light of the social economic status of the ordinary Ugandan. We resolved that a smaller group be convened to discuss and draft model provisions to this law.

On the 20th of August through the 22nd of August, 2012 at the Lake Victoria Serena Hotel, with funding support of UNDP, a smaller group of expert lawyers from the March consultation, with Prof. Brook was convened to discuss and draft amendments to the Industrial Properties’ Bill of 2009.

It is from this meeting's discussions and recommendations that the popular booklet was developed to support our advocacy for a better law, in and out  of parliament.

Please receive it, circulate it with in your circles and may use it for your advocacy efforts too.
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