[Ip-health] The Novartis case

George Carter fiar at verizon.net
Mon Apr 1 14:56:55 PDT 2013

LOL..Like I'm going to believe a shill for pharma in this commentary.

What a load of self-serving crap. The reality is that your companies are screwing people to DEATH with you're outrageous pricing. What your industry does achieves the following:

1) increases profits and executive salaries;
2) impedes and INHIBITS innovation with licensing fees;
3) sues each other over patents, resulting in increased costs;
4) blocks data sharing;
5) produces nothing new while ignoring sectors that aren't ludicrously profitable;
6) block access to medication for MILLIONS of people with HIV, hepatitis C, cancer, diabetes and so on when demanding those ludicrous prices resulting in
7) MILLIONS of MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN suffering horribly and needlessly and DYING: nothing short of economic genocide.

Your despicable model is failing us, not providing cures, destroying research, limiting science, perverting clinical trials and medical care, increasing costs...and so on and so forth.

Your self-serving tirade is hysterical, dithering, evil nonsense.
George M. Carter

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