[Ip-health] India's Minister for Commerce and Industry on Novartis Patent Ruling

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Thanks Brook but that segment does not fully capture the breadth of all questions asked about Novartis case and Indian patent law so I decided to share the full version. Anyhow good for those who have less time (means almost all of us!)



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The specific segment can be found at:

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On 4/11/13 4:14 AM, "Hafiz Aziz-ur- Rehman" <aziz76pk at yahoo.com> wrote:

>Minister Sharma said that Novartis is the third largest beneficiary of
>registration of  patents
>>in India (Pharmaceutical) with 147 patents granted...
>>India's Minister for Commerce and Industry Anand Sharma comments on the
>>Novartis patent ruling by the Indian Supreme Court at a WIPO press
>>conference on April 8, 2013, following a High Level Policy Dialogue with
>>the Geneva diplomatic community where he spoke on the subject
>>"Innovation and Development: The Indian Experience."
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