[Ip-health] Zackie on Madiba!

George Carter gmcfiar at gmail.com
Fri Dec 6 05:50:00 PST 2013

This is the single best memorial to Nelson Mandela I've heard. Zackie Achmat is a hero of South Africa who started the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) there. Were it not for Mandela, millions more would have died of AIDS.


Zackie brought in generic fluconazole when Pfizer was trying to block them--insisting people pay the $12/day for the drug to treat the horror of cryptococcal meningitis and other diseases when it could be had as a generic for $0.70/day. Pay or die--the policy that persists today (tho at least not with fluconazole!) But the legacy of economic genocide lives on in the TPP--and Obama shamefully promotes it. Obama is more like Mbeki, sadly and his flowery words of mourning ring hollow.

Take a moment and watch this in Mandela's honor and memory. It's a few valuable minutes of your time. Here is the speech Zackie references:
George M. Carter

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