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I accidentally sent this out without all of the links.  I apologize for
this.  Here is the Roundup with all of the links:


Infojustice Roundup  


Pan African Intellectual Property Organization to Be Further Debated in
May 2013


[by Caroline Ncube]  Since the publication of my post (PAIPO is dead.
Long live PAIPO <http://infojustice.org/archives/28386> ) last week, I
have received the full text of the Ministerial Decisions passed at
Brazzaville in November 2012 (AUMINST Dec. (V) (01)) from the AU. The
relevant paragraph (2.2.15) reads: "AMCOST requests the Commission to
liaise with AMCOST Bureau and take the necessary actions to implement
the assembly decision by 2013 in consultation with sectors dealing with
intellectual property in Member States." A University World News
report... provides more detail on this decision. It reports that AMCOST
V asked the Commission to convene an IP Summit by May 2013 'to debate
implementation of the organization.'  Click here for more.


Eli Lilly Initiates NAFTA Investor-State Dispute Settlement Over
Canada's Denial of a Patent for Strattera


[Public Citizen Global Trade Watch] Eli Lilly and Company has initiated
formal proceedings under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
to attack Canada's standards for granting drug patents, claiming that
the denial of a medicine patent is an expropriation of its property
rights granted by the agreement...  Eli Lilly's move marks the first
attempt by a patent-holding pharmaceutical corporation to use U.S.
"trade" agreement investor privileges as a tool to push for greater
monopoly patent protections, which increase the cost of medicines for
consumers and governments. Click here for more.


WIPO Meets on Genetic Resources: Participation of Indigenous Peoples at


[Sara Bannerman] The Intergovernmental Committee on Traditional
Knowledge, Traditional Cultural Expressions, and Genetic Resources (IGC)
meets this week at WIPO.  The Committee is working on negotiating a new
treaty or soft law instrument on Traditional Knowledge, Traditional
Cultural Expressions, and Genetic Resources.  This week's work will
focus on genetic resources, with future meetings this year on
traditional knowledge, and traditional cultural expressions. The meeting
begins today with a half day panel of indigenous and local communities -
the IGC's traditional way of beginning each meeting - in an effort to
include indigenous and local communities in their work. Click here for
more. <http://infojustice.org/archives/28433> 


Europe Hopes to Wrap Up Trade Negotiations with Canada Next Week: IPR
Issues Remain Unsettled


[Mike Palmedo] European Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht will travel to
Canada next week, where he hopes to conclude the negotiations of the
EU-Canada trade Agreement. However, Canadian Trade Minister Ed Fast told
the press he was more concerned with negotiating a quality agreement
than with "any calendar date." A number of issues remain to be
negotiated, including controversial IPR provisions that affect access to
medicines. Leaked documents show the EU wants the agreement to include
patent extensions, an extension of the period of data exclusivity, and
the introduction of a right of appeal under Canada's marketing regime.
Click here for more. <http://infojustice.org/archives/28399> 


New Paper Shows Follow On Patents Are Common, and Commonly Extend the
Patent Life of Pharmaceuticals 


[by Amy Kapczynski]  Chan Park, Bhaven Sampat and I recently published
in PLoS, perhaps of interest to folks here.  We provide data about the
ubiquity and significance of so-called "secondary" patents in pharma
(e.g. salt patents, polymorph patents, dosage and method of treatment
patents, etc). We coded all of the patents in the Orange Book, and
provide evidence find that secondary claims are common, and add
substantial additional patent life. Click here for more.


How to Negotiate with Your National Reproduction Rights Organization -
An EIFL Guide


[Electronic Information for Libraries ]How to negotiate with your
national Reproduction Rights Organization (RRO) is intended as a
practical guide for libraries if they are approached by an RRO, or when
they need to approach an RRO themselves. It sets out the role and tasks
of an RRO, the types of licensees on offer and highlights issues to
consider when negotiating a license. The Guide offers tips and provides
support for libraries to obtain the most suitable terms of use and value
for money for the institution. Click here for the resource on eifl.net


U.S. May Join the Georgia Case, On the Side Against Fair Use


Techdirt reports that the U.S. Department of Justice has requested an
extension of the deadline to file an amicus brief in a lawsuit against
Georgia State for copyright infringement.  Publishers sued the
University for posting excerpts of copyrighted materials as e-reserves
accessible by students through the library website.  A lower court found
that most of the postings were allowed under fair use, and the
publishers appealed the ruling.  The Department of Justice would likely
join the case on the side of the plaintiffs (who do not oppose Justice's
motion).  Click here for the full story on TechDirt.com.





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