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Christian Wagner-Ahlfs cw at bukopharma.de
Mon Feb 4 11:04:42 PST 2013

Dear colleagues,

we from BUKO Pharma-Kampagne Germany ask for your support. 

We plan to publish a collection of case studies showing what European 
universities (and other publicly funded research institutions) can 
contribute to health in developing countries. There are several 
collection of case studies, e.g. www.iphandbook.org But as our 
experience shows, must examples are originated in the United States. 
What we are looking for are examples from Europe, which we intend to 
publish in a well-edited and commented collection soon.
Working title: How can European Universities contribute to Access to 

What we need:
* examples how European Universities made their research results 
accessible in developing countries
* either by: equitable licensing, participation in product development 
partnerships, open access publishing (resulting in real products!!), or 
any other mechanism. In best case, the product is already on the market 
- as drug, vaccine, diagnostic kit, ... !
* case studies from the health sector are welcome
* case studies from technical sectors like communication, water 
technology etc. are also welcome

What you can contribute:
* Links to literature, case studies, experts, scientists, tech transfer 
managers,  ...

Thanks for your support!


Background of our project: 
BUKO Pharma-Kampagne is a German organization working for access to 
medicine since more than 30 years now. Member of Health Action 
International, People's Health Movement and other networks. Cooperation 
with Universities Allied for Essential Medicines Europe (UAEM).
This project is part of the campaign 
http://www.med4all.org/index.php?id=14 (which is mostly a German 
campaign, therefore the English part of the website has only limited 

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