[Ip-health] comparative tables of data exclusivity and patent linkage provisions in TPP and US FTAs

Stephanie Rosenberg srosenberg at citizen.org
Tue Feb 12 10:21:19 PST 2013

Please find links to new tables by Public Citizen's Global Access to Medicine Program that compare patent linkage and data exclusivity provisions in U.S. FTAs and the U.S. proposal to the TPP:

Comparative Table of Patent Linkage Provisions in U.S. FTAs and U.S. Proposal to the TPPA: http://www.citizen.org/documents/patentlinkagetablewclauses.pdf

Comparative Table of Data Exclusivity Provisions in U.S. FTAs and the U.S. Proposal to the TPPA: http://www.citizen.org/documents/dataexclusivitytable2wrdfinal.pdf

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