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Dear All,

    Attached here is a letter from hundreds of civil society groups to WTO
members urging them to support extending the waiver for the TRIPS agreement
for Least Developed Countries until they "graduate" from LDC status. A lot
is at stake with this waiver--there's growing recognition that TRIPS rules
undermine human rights, development and health in developing countries. And
this would be starkest if people in LDCs--the most vulnerable economies in 
world--were suddenly required to provide and maintain monopolies on 

    This can be stopped--but it needs attention.

    The TRIPS Council meets NEXT WEEK to take this up.

Can you:

-Forward this letter to government officials & ask them to commit to 

-Bring this to the attention of media... the last thing that US and other
negotiators who are looking undermine this want is attention.



*Fact Sheet: Extending the TRIPS Waiver for Least Developed Countries*

*Promoting health, development, education, and environmental consideration*

Haiti recently submitted, on behalf of the Least Developed Country (LDC)
members of the World Trade Organization (WTO), a request to extend the
transition period for LDCs to implement the Trade Related Aspects of
Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) Agreement. The TRIPS Agreement sets
out minimum standards for intellectual property (IP) protection and
enforcement that all WTO Members must implement in their national laws.
When it was signed TRIPS granted transition periods for both developing and
Least Developed Countries.  LDCs initial transition period was to have
expired in 2005, but an extension was granted in 2005 until June 30, 2013. 
Haiti proposal would simply extend this transition period until countries
“graduate” from LDC status—a proposal the TRIPS Council is obliged to pass
according to WTO rules. There are critical issues at stake in access to:

   - Affordable medicines
   - Green technology
   - Educational resources & the internet
   - Agricultural good


Matthew  Kavanagh
Health GAP (Global Access Project)
tel +1 202 355-6343 // mob +1 202 486-2488
matthew at healthgap.org


Matthew  Kavanagh
Health GAP (Global Access Project)
tel +1 202 355-6343 // mob +1 202 486-2488
matthew at healthgap.org

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