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*Title :* Third World Resurgence, May 2013
*Date :* 05 July 2013


*Third World Resurgence #273 (May 2013)*

*This issues contents:*

*COVER: The Novartis verdict: The patently wrong priorities of Big Pharma*


*A victory for access to medicines*
By *Martin Khor*
The Indian Supreme Court's 1 April decision which reaffirmed that only
medicines that are genuinely new inventions should be granted patents has
been hailed as a victory for the rights of patients to have affordable

*http://twnside.org.sg/title2/resurgence/2013/273/cover01.htm  *

*The larger implications of the Novartis-Glivec judgment*

By *Sudip Chaudhuri*
The Indian Supreme Court judgment on the Novartis-Glivec case is remarkable
because it has gone beyond the specific technical and legal issues
surrounding patents and has put the matter in a much larger political and
economic perspective. What the judgment says and what it implies has
tremendous significance for the patent regimes in developing countries
beyond the secondary patenting issues.

*http://twnside.org.sg/title2/resurgence/2013/273/cover02.htm *

*What should we learn from the Novartis judgment?*

By *KM Gopakumar*
In the following piece, *KM Gopakumar *traces the legal background to the
Indian Supreme Court decision on Novartis' claim for a patent and explains
the significance of some aspects of the judgment.

*http://twnside.org.sg/title2/resurgence/2013/273/cover03.htm *

*Pharmaceutical innovation and incremental patenting*

By *Carlos M Correa*
There is now an increasingly widespread view that the role of the patent
system in promoting innovation is less substantial than usually claimed. As
the pharmaceutical industry today is almost wholly concerned with securing
patents by effecting minor improvements on existing patented products, the
patent system has moved far away from its objective of stimulating genuine

*http://twnside.org.sg/title2/resurgence/2013/273/cover04.htm *

*Deadly rise of 'superbugs'? It's business as usual for Big Pharma!*

By *Shila Kaur*
There can be no better illustration of Big Pharma's obsession with
short-term profits than its refusal to invest in the development of new
antibiotics to combat diseases caused by the new deadly strains of
multi-drug-resistant bacteria.  *Shila Kaur *elucidates.

*http://twnside.org.sg/title2/resurgence/2013/273/cover05.htm *

*Big Pharma CEOs rake in $1.57 billion in pay*

By *Ethan Rome*
In the US the big pharmaceutical companies have been raking in huge profits
through the price-gouging of government programmes such as Medicare (the
scheme which provides healthcare for the old and disabled) and illegal
marketing activity.  *Ethan Rome *elaborates.


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