[Ip-health] Thailand remains on 'dirty dozen' list

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Wed May 1 21:42:53 PDT 2013

Thailand remains on 'dirty dozen' list

   - Published: 1 May
   - Online news: Local News <http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/local>

WASHINGTON - Thailand has been put at the top of the list of the world's
worst violators of intellectual property for another year.

The annual Special 301 Report by the US Trade Representative places
Thailand on the ``priority watch list'' with nine other countries for the
seventh consecutive year.

"Ten countries - Algeria, Argentina, Chile, China, India, Indonesia,
Pakistan, Russia, Thailand, and Venezuela - are on the Priority Watch
List," the report said. The "USTR will seek to engage intensively with
these countries, as appropriate, during the coming year."

In theory, presence at the top of the watch list can bring punitive trade
retaliation including special duties and sanctions. In practice, this never
has happened.

Thai officials were disappoined but not surprised by the decision. Patchima
Thanasanti, head of the Department of Intellectual Property, said before
the report came out late Wednesday that the US was unhappy with IP
protection in Thailand.

"The United States views that the problem has not declined for the past
five years and that Thailand has no serious law to protect intellectual
property," she was reported as telling Thailand-Business-News.com

She predicted there could be a comprehensive law to protect intellectual
property by next year.

The USTR remained concerned, as it was last year, that Thailand has failed
to pass laws protecting intellectual property.

"Thailand remains on the Priority Watch List in 2013," it states in the
section on Thailand. "The United States is prepared to review that status
if Thailand makes significant progress in passing key legislative

It calls for more crackdowns on open sales of copyright and counterfeit
goods, "and to impose deterrent-level (prison) sentences".

According to the US agency, Thailand should:

- end piracy of cable and satellite signals

- make landlords liable for sales of pirated and counterfeit goods in or on
their property

- put a stop to the rapidly growing problem of copyright piracy and
trademark counterfeiting on the internet

- stop "camcording", or recording of motion pictures inside cinemas using
video cameras or smartphones

- stop the leaking of test results and marketing plans for drugs,
pharmaceuticals and chemicals for agricultural use

- hold more discussions with "stakeholders" (i.e. drug companies) on
medical patents

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