[Ip-health] Greece: New system for monitoring pharmaceuticals

Jamie Love james.love at keionline.org
Fri May 10 19:42:26 PDT 2013

Does anyone know anything about this?


A new system for electronically monitoring and controlling
pharmaceutical products on the Greek market, which will go into
operation next Monday, is expected to save up to 100 million euros,
Alternate Health Minister Marios Salmas said.

"From a laggard in issues of using IT and monitoring pharmaceuticals,
Greece is becoming a model to be imitated by other countries," Salmas
said in presenting the programme, and he stressed the government΄s
determination to ruthlessly crack down on corruption in the
pharmaceuticals΄ sector, AMNA reported.

The system will monitor all pharmaceutical products in circulation,
along the entire distribution chain from import and production to
retail sales, based on the unique serial number of each authenticity
tape that must be attached to every box of medicine sold. Unused
authenticity tapes must be registered as faulty.

This will be the first time that such a system is put into operation
worldwide. Among others, it will prevent the sale and distribution of
΄counterfeit΄ and possibly dangerous pharmaceuticals and also the
re-use of authenticity tapes on different prescriptions.

The system, capable of tracking up to 2.5 billion serial codes, will
also monitor drug levels on the entire Greek market on a 24-hour
basis, ensuring that there are satisfactory reserves of necessary
medication available at any given time and also providing early
warning of possible epidemics.

Companies failing to comply with the requirements of the new system
will be denied licences to launch new products on the market and are
liable to face stiff fines under new legislation to be tabled in
Parliament by Friday and passed before the end of May.

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