[Ip-health] May 24, 2013, 9PM version of the text for the CEWG "Decisions Point"

Jamie Love james.love at keionline.org
Sat May 25 00:19:50 PDT 2013


Below is the proposed text for the "Decisions Point" for the CEWG negotiations.

24 May 2013, 9 PM Draft


In order to take forward action in relation to monitoring,
coordination and financing for health R&D and in accordance with the
terms of Resolution A66/23 a technical consultative meeting should be
convened by the Director-General at the earliest possible date, over
2-3 days, in order to assist in the identification of demonstration
projects that:

1) address identified gaps that disproportionally affect developing
countries, particularly the poor, and for which immediate action can
be taken;

2)  utilize collaborative and open-knowledge approach to R&D for coordination;

3)  emphasize the de-linkage of cost of R&D from product price; and

4)  demonstrate voluntary and sustainable financing mechanism.

The demonstration projects should provide a model for future working
and evidence for long term sustainable solutions.

The whole meeting will be open to all Member States. The
Director-General shall invite experts from relevant health R&D fields
and experts with experience in managing funds for research and
development. The Director-General shall ensure regional representation
and diversity of expertise and experience.

The meeting to be held in early 2014. It should be complementary and
consistent with the Regional consultations referred to in operative
paragraph 4(4) of Resolution A66/23. The meeting will be in two parts:
firstly a technical discussion among the experts followed by a
briefing to and discussion by Member States.

A report of the meeting will be prepared and presented by the Director
General to the 67th World Health Assembly.

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