[Ip-health] Fwd: Action Page: Oppose Fast Track For Trans Pacific Partnership

George Carter fiar at verizon.net
Tue Nov 5 13:06:32 PST 2013

I signed the petition below and added a note to the NY Daily News.

Free trade sounds like such a great idea and who wouldn't then want the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement? Certainly you would if you are a transnational company, like a pharmaceutical company! This highly secret effort with hidden text is about to be unleashed and one direct effect? Anyone obtaining a generic drug, like those used to treat HIV in poor nations, will be blocked unless they can pay pharma's ransom. The result? Knowingly causing the suffering and death of literally millions of men, women and children. This is nothing short of economic genocide. And that's just ONE of the myriad horrors to be set loose with this nightmare agreement. What we need is FAIR trade--not slaughter and resource rape for profit.

George M. Carter

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> From: The Pen <theteam at peaceteam.net>
> Date: November 5, 2013 1:24:12 AM EST
> To: fiar at verizon.net
> Subject: Action Page: Oppose Fast Track For Trans Pacific Partnership
> If you have not yet heard about the proposed Trans Pacific 
> Partnership trade agreement, it's because the corporate special 
> interests pushing it don't want you to know anything about it until 
> it is too late. 
> Reject Fast Track For The Trans Pacific Partnership Action Page: 
> http://www.peaceteam.net/action/pnum1143.php 
> It is so bad that even members of Congress are forbidden from telling 
> us what they know about it. It is so bad that journalists are 
> forbidden from conferences where it is being negotiated in secret, 
> lest they tell the rest of us about what's it in, only wealthy 
> lobbyists welcome. 
> But what we do know from leaked documents is that they are plotting a 
> massive corporate takeover of government trade policy, including 
> gutting privacy rights, crippling internet freedom, unfettered 
> worldwide exploitation of workers and unbridled environmental 
> destruction, all in the name of maximization of private corporate 
> profit, which is to say greed. 
> And to bend over backwards to these horrors as much as possible, 
> certain members of Congress are apparently about to introduce a bill 
> to abdicate their constitutional authority to make trade policy, by 
> delegating so-called "fast track" authority to some agency amenable 
> to these same self-serving corporations. 
> Under NO circumstances can Congress consent to dereliction of their 
> responsibility to protect the trade interests of the American people. 
> For the last four years Congress has refused to legislate at all 
> except on a stop gap, last minute emergency basis. It's time for 
> Congress to start governing again, by rejecting "fast track" 
> irresponsibility over trade policy. 
> Reject Fast Track For The Trans Pacific Partnership Action Page: 
> http://www.peaceteam.net/action/pnum1143.php 
> The above text is the exact wording of the petition that this action 
> page sends to all your members of Congress, and President Obama also. 
> If you want to DO something, first please submit the action page 
> above. And after you do feel free to request any of our policy action 
> bumper stickers. You can have one for no charge, not even shipping, 
> from the return page from your action page submission, or from this 
> direct link. 
> All Bumper Sticker Requests: 
> http://www.peaceteam.net/all_bumper_stickers.php 
> Of course if you can make a contribution of any amount, this is what 
> makes it possible for us to send free stickers to anyone who cannot 
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