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Note this is the Washington Times not the Post.
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> *The Trans Pacific Partnership: Another disaster from a proven liar
> <http://communities.washingtontimes.com/neighborhood/judson-phillips-cold-hard-truth/2013/nov/11/another-disaster-proven-liar/>*
> WASHINGTON.  November 11, 2013 — One thing we can say about Barack Obama is
> that he is a proven liar. He lied when he told Americans we could keep our
> health insurance if we liked it.
> Now he wants us to trust him on something else.
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> For the last several years, the Obama Administration has been negotiating
> something called the Trans Pacific Partnership. The Trans Pacific
> Partnership is a free trade agreement on steroids.
> In 1992, then-Presidential candidate Ross Perot coined the expression,
> “Giant sucking sound” to describe the exodus of jobs from America into
> Mexico if the North American Free Trade Agreement was passed.
> NAFTA was passed and America’s industrial base was decimated. Since NAFTA,
> several other free trade agreements have been passed. The results are
> always the same: The other nations get the benefit and America loses.
> The most recent free trade agreement that was passed was the Korea Free
> Trade Agreement. After that took effect, America’s trade balance with South
> Korea went from a surplus to a deficit.
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> One of the most disturbing parts of this proposed Trans Pacific treaty is
> the secrecy in which it is being negotiated. The only real news Americans
> or for that matter Members of Congress can get, is from leaks.
> Barack Obama is asking for fast track authority for the Trans Pacific
> Partnership. Consider that to be another version of “you have to pass this
> to see what is in it.”  With fast track authority, there will be no
> hearings on this treaty. It will be negotiated then sent to the Senate for
> a simple up or down vote. The Senate will not be able to provide advice and
> consent because they cannot offer amendments under fast track.
> Less than one fifth of the Trans Pacific Partnership deals with trade. The
> remainder of the treaty governs a myriad of things, including regulating
> the price of medicines. A few months ago, a mix of conservative and liberal
> groups stopped the “Stop Online Piracy Act” or SOPA. Most of the provisions
> of SOPA are included in the Trans Pacific Partnership.
> Under the proposals of the TPP, American sovereignty would be eroded.
> American courts would be inferior to foreign trade courts and disputes
> between American citizens and foreign corporations would not be litigated
> in American courts but in these trade tribunals.
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> If you think unemployment is bad now, just wait. According to leaks from
> the Trans Pacific Partnership, the treaty will provide incentives for
> American companies to relocate overseas.
> With ninety million Americans out of the work force and work force
> participation at it’s lowest since those statistics have been kept,
> incentives to send American employment overseas is shocking.
> There are too many questions to be asked about this proposed treaty but
> perhaps the best question to ask is, if this treaty is so good for America,
> why is it being negotiated in secret?
> According to Lori Wallach of Public Citizen in an op-ed in the New York
> Times, Ron Kirk, the former trade representative who was negotiating the
> treaty, said that if the treaty details were made public, the treaty would
> probably never pass.
> If this is true, then this treaty should never be signed, much less
> ratified.
> The biggest chance to kill this really bad idea is by denying Barack Obama
> fast track authority.
> With Obama’s track record of lying to America, can we really trust him with
> this kind of trade agreement?
> Read more:
> http://communities.washingtontimes.com/neighborhood/judson-phillips-cold-hard-truth/2013/nov/11/another-disaster-proven-liar/#ixzz2kNT2BDp1
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