[Ip-health] Survey: US Health Agency Should Use Patent Rights To Keep Drugs Affordable

George Carter fiar at verizon.net
Tue Sep 3 03:52:58 PDT 2013

On Sep 2, 2013, at 3:22 PM, Biotech. Info. Inst. wrote:

> Any feeling for what comparable U.S. general public views are or would be if asked:  "Concerning pharmaceutical product-related patents licensed from NIH:
> 1) Should licensees' in affluent foreign countries be required to charge more for finished products to support [subsidize] discounted prices in the U.S.?  Charge more in foreign affluent countries to subsidize prices In poor/developing countries?  [Presuming "seven out of eight members of the public think the NIH should protect them from paying more than everyone else," does this "everyone else" include developing countries?] 

LOL...what a stupid question rooted in premises like the egregious lie that it costs $1 bn to bring a drug to market or the notion that IP enhances discovery when it squelches it or other such nonsense premises. 

Perhaps a better question would be:
1) Should the US end the practice of permitting private companies to do shoddy clinical research that is designed as a marketing tool to sell more drugs at economically genocidal prices while forcing poor nations to await patent expiration and watch millions suffer and die horribly while the uninsured in the United States equally face death at the hands of pharma's greed to prop up an utter perversion of "intellectual property" that has come to mean screwing people to death for profit?

and maybe:
2) Should the US halt the privatized drug industry from producing second rate treatments, ignoring infectious diseases, evergreening and a host of manipulative approaches that bring brutal polypharmacy that may often be more destructive than healthful?

Answers: yes!
George M. Carter

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