[Ip-health] Survey: US Health Agency Should Use Patent Rights To Keep Drugs Affordable

Riaz Tayob riaz.tayob at gmail.com
Thu Sep 5 05:58:04 PDT 2013

What is to be done?

Is it ok to only have strategies of reform, or only of radicalism?

Is Rumsfelds full spectrum dominance not useful here? Instead of being
Manichean about it, can both not be embraced, recognising their often
contradictory character?

In other words, on a reformist stand, is addressing drug prices on a
limited set of drugs not ok, bearing in mind it is part of a processs to
achieve change, and not the end in and of itself_

On 5 September 2013 14:32, George Carter <fiar at verizon.net> wrote:

> Oh, we already have health tyrrany here. The Affordable Care Act is
> primarily just a giveaway to bloated, claim-denying, profiteering insurance
> companies, there's NO negotiation of rapacious drug pricing (except the
> Veteran's Administration), there's a glut of fraud by physicians, clinics
> and hospitals to charge more, prescribe more, test more, and screw more out
> of the coffers.
> This steaming pile of greed-driven insanity results in nearly 50 MILLION
> of us lacking any insurance, more and more having garbage insurance,
> increased co-pays and premiums, a huge percentage of foreclosures due to
> inability to pay for healthcare costs if you have the temerity to be ill in
> a culture where wages have stagnated, unemployment remains high.
> The United States has become and propels itself further down the path of
> being the world's most tyrannical, vicious, selfish and brain-dead nation
> the planet has or probably ever WILL see as its policies and practices to
> its own citizens, let alone what it is doing globally, are assuring we will
> accelerate ourselves unimpeded down the chute of self-inflicted extinction.
> From health to global urges to burn more oil, using religious conflicts as
> a foil to achieve absurdist ends, to the Trans-Pacific Partnership
> agreement as but another stellar example of the arrogance, evil and
> subservience to transnational corporate interests, we will no doubt use up
> all resources, burn the planet to death and destroy ourselves in the Sixth
> Great Extinction.
> And all our "reasonable" efforts, sane commentaries, demonstrations,
> actions, philosophies, prayers and gods and what have you seem utterly
> pointless in the face of this global juggernaut of death.
> George M. Carter
> On Sep 5, 2013, at 7:22 AM, Riaz Tayob wrote:
> A case of health imperialism (abroad) = (Health) tyranny at home
> (eventually)?
> On 5 September 2013 04:00, George Carter <fiar at verizon.net> wrote:
>> Well, and here's another earlier one -
>> http://www.cptech.org/pharm/crada2.html
>> but with the revolving door between NIH and industry, any sincere
>> application of a CRADA would never happen. As but one example:
>> https://www.commondreams.org/headlines03/1207-03.htm
>> (Bill Moyers also had a discussion about this focused on Congress and
>> industry recently.)
>> Then there's this:
>> http://californiastemcellreport.blogspot.com/2005/10/text-of-legislative-staff-report-on-ip.html
>> "Reasonable pricing requirement. The state could adopt a policy similar
>> to that adopted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in 1989
>> requiring that there be a reasonable relationship between the pricing of a
>> licensed product, the public investment in that product, and the health and
>> safety needs of the public. As mentioned above, NIH applied this policy to
>> licenses to inventions developed under its Cooperative Research and
>> Development Agreement (CRADA) program but discarded it in 1995 on the
>> grounds that it was impeding commercialization of research findings."
>> Yeah, right.
>> And:
>> http://www.scribd.com/doc/54116297/Goozner-The-800-Million-Pill-The-Truth-Behind-the-Cost-of-New-Drugs-2004
>> Which leads to stories like:
>> http://www.thebody.com/content/art33449.html
>> When the government is bought, run and dependent upon the largesse and
>> future careers of the industry's they're supposed to regulate and
>> oversee...well, the noble notion of a CRADA is a joke.
>> The questions I posed, of course, are ridiculous because the United
>> States government will only serve their corporate masters. The niceties of
>> the details become lost in the haze of blood of the millions dying, the
>> only metric that matters and to which that government and Pharma are
>> utterly indifferent. But some of us will remember and maybe one day there
>> will be justice for their willful and intentional acts of economic genocide.
>> George M. Carter
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