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Some news below on WHO Prequalification Programme (WHO PQP) now charging
application fees (up to US$8,000) on drug submissions...

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From:   Barbara Roth/DE01/AMS/U/MSF
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Subject:        WHO PQ now charging application fees

Dear Colleagues,

We received the below note from WHO PQ last week; it seems WHO PQ have had
to take the difficult step to start charging applicants for submissions.
While this is clearly being done to help raise additional resources to
support a necessary programme, we hope this won’t have a negative impact in
discouraging necessary applications from manufacturers. Ultimately WHO PQ
has and remains an important component of the work of WHO in ensuring
access to life-saving medicines, and the key to its future functioning and
success relies much more on political and sustainable financial support
from member states.

See original message

WHO Prequalification of Medicines Programme (PQP) is an externally funded
WHO programme. In the past we have been able to fund our activities through
the generosity of our donor organizations. However, in the current economic
climate we can no longer afford to rely solely on donor funding for our
on-going financial viability. WHO has been charging fees for the Vaccines
and Diagnostics Prequalification Programmes for some time.  We are not
moving PQP toward a full cost recovery model, but we are looking to achieve
a balance between external and internal funding. Please note that over the
next few years WHO will continue to assess this balance and adjust it as

However, at this stage we are conscious of the potential disincentive that
fees may pose to manufacturers who are considering seeking prequalification
of their products. To this end, we have set the fees below those currently
being charged by the WHO vaccines and diagnostics prequalification
programmes. We have also introduced some flexibility, whereby manufacturers
who provide adequate justification may be exempted from fees or charged a
reduced fee.

Kindly find below link to document that provides more information about the
fee structure that applies to applications received on or after 01
September 2013.

Application Fees:

For further information on the above matter or about PQP, please visit the
WHO Prequalification of Medicines Programme web site at
http://www.who.int/prequal  or contact the Programme directly at
prequal at who.int

With best regards,

WHO Prequalification of Medicines Programme


Best regards,

Barbara Roth
Deputy Pharmacist Coordinator
MSF International Office
Barbara.roth at msf.org

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