[Ip-health] DAG: Concern over "Parallel Event" during WIPO Assemblies

Sangeeta Shashikant ssangeeta at myjaring.net
Mon Sep 23 06:39:24 PDT 2013

The WIPO Assemblies is going on currently. If you are interested in the live
webcast pls see 

In the morning the Development Agenda Group (a group composed 19 developing
countries) in its general statement expressed concern over the undermining
of the intergovernmental nature of WIPO as the WIPO Secretariat has
organised a two hour WIPO Forum tomorrow during the WIPO Assemblies without
any formal decision by the WIPO membership. Secretariat's move is aimed at
accommodating developed countries' request for one day of the Assemblies to
be dedicated to hearing the "industry".

"We would like to recall that WIPO is a specialized agency of the United
Nations and, as such, it should be a member-driven institution. Nonetheless,
in this Assembly, member states, representing millions or even a billion of
people, were asked to follow a three minutes limit imposed by the
Secretariat to General Statements, while at the same time, a paralel event
will stall discussions among member states for two hours, in spite of a very
busy agenda in front of us. Paralel events are important but they should not
affect the substantive discussions among member states unless there is a
decision on this subject."


"These governance issues are not only present in the organization of this
session of the General Assembly, but also in other areas such as the
implementation of a strategic realignement program that was not mandated by
member states. It is up to member states to reassert that the service
orientation of this organization is aimed first and foremost at fulfilling
the requests of WIPO member states.".



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