[Ip-health] Why the Hepatitis Cure Sovaldi Is a Budgetary Disaster for Prisons

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Offers some insight into treating hep C patients in prison, in regards to


"There are about 1.3 million inmates in state prisons, and an additional
200,000 or so in federal ones. Treating even a fraction of them would cost
billions of dollars...Unlike state Medicaid programs, which are legally
entitled to drug discounts, state prison systems generally pay retail
prices for prescription drugs. As The Wall Street Journal reported in April
many states are rationing the drug or refusing to provide it to
inmates.... Studies
suggest that it could benefit the general public
<http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/hep.26431/abstract> to treat
even the most committed drug users while they are in prison. Prison health
departments are well equipped to make sure patients take their full course
of medication, and they can manage any side effects.
Epidemiological studies show that curing heavy drug users who share needles
can put a dent in the spread of disease to new people once they return to
the community, said Dr. Anne Spaulding, a public health professor at Emory
and a former corrections department medical director in Rhode Island."

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