[Ip-health] The new Medicines Patent Pool license with AbbVie: good news for children living with HIV

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The new Medicines Patent Pool license with AbbVie: good news for children
living with HIV

The Medicines Patent Pool (MPP) has signed a new license with AbbView, to
expand access to pediatric formulations of lopinavir (LPV) and ritonavir
(r). The details of the licenses are available here:

Agreement [1]
Form Sublicense agreement [2]:
Expert Advisory Group Report [3]
MPP Press Release [4]

According to the Expert Advisory Group Report, the licenses cover 99
percent of children living with HIV. Among the significant details of the
licenses are a grant back royalty bearing license to permit AbbVie to use
or resell new formulations in higher income countries.

It is good news that AbbView has entered into its first license with the
MPP, and one hopes that AbbVie will continue to engage, also as regards
adult uses of these two drugs, both developed with the benefit of NIH/NIAID
research grant AI027220.

The coverage in the license is the most inclusive of any voluntary license
for HIV, in terms of the pediatric population the license is intended to
serve, and it is without a doubt welcome news for children living with HIV,
some of whom are poorly served by existing formulations. The MPP Expert
Advisory Group Report provides details of these and several other relevant
issues in terms of the medical importance of improved formulations. What
one hopes is that the licenses can be an inducement for greater investment
in the development of the new formulations, by firms that see the new
larger market and the royalty bearing grant back provision as a positive.



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