[Ip-health] Washington Post Graphic: Industry voices dominate the trade advisory system

Claire Cassedy claire.cassedy at keionline.org
Fri Feb 28 11:14:42 PST 2014

"Industry voices dominate the trade advisory system"

Below is link to a highly illuminating set of graphics from the Washington
Post showing the cleared advisors for each committee of the USTR's trade
advisory committees.

IPR Committee consists entirely of Industry or Trade Group members: Stevan
Mitchell, Thomas Thomson, Neil Turkewitz, Jeff Kushan, Richard Kjeldgaard,
John Frisbie, Gregg Alton, Perla Kuhn, J. Imler, Sarah Deutsch, Brian
Roman, A. Bob Ghosh, Timothy Trainer, Erin-Michael Gill, Scott Frank, Mark
Chandler, Tanuja Garde.


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