[Ip-health] Working Group Launch Event "Access to Medicines and Innovation in Times of Crisis". 20 Jan. Madrid

Vanessa Lopez vanessa.lopez at saludporderecho.org
Mon Jan 13 02:11:55 PST 2014

20 January, Madrid. Working Group Launch Event “Access to Medicines and
Innovation in Times of Crisis”

The Working Group on Health, Medicines, and Innovation is an initiative
promoted by organizations and experts dedicated to defending the right to
health, development cooperation, consumer associations, and professionals
from the areas of public health, medicine and health economics. The group
will be launched on January 20th at an event entitled “Access to medicines
and innovation in times of crisis” which will take place at the Ateneo de

This working group emerged due to concerns regarding the impact that certain
measures adopted in response to the financial and economic crisis are having
on access to health services and medicines in Europe; particularly in
countries most affected by the crisis, such as Spain.  In addition to
observing this current situation, the group also bases its creation on the
structural weaknesses  apparent in the processes of research, development,
regulation and commercilization of health technologies, not only in Spain,
but also at the global level. 

Participation in this event is by invitation; if you would like to attend,
please contact us through email at:
<mailto:saludporderecho at saludporderecho.org>
saludporderecho at saludporderecho.org

The working group is made up of the following organizations:  La
Confederación Española de Consumidores y Usuarios, Farmacéuticos sin
Fronteras, Médicos del Mundo, No Gracias, Salud por Derecho (coordinator),
Trans-Atlantic Consumer Dialogue and individual experts, David del Campo,
Joan Rovira, Xavier Seuba and Judit Rius.


“Access to Medicines and Innovation in Times of Crisis”

January 20th, 2014 - Salón Ciudad de Úbeda – Ateneo de Madrid. 11:00 – 14:00
hrs. Provisional Agenda 

11:00 – 11:45 

Welcome and Presentation

Vanessa López Director, Salud por Derecho


11:45 – 12:45 

Access, Transparency, and Innovation

David del Campo Health and Social Policy Expert – Presenter and moderator

Ana Esmeralda Santos Médicos del Mundo – Access to Medicines in Spain

Abel Novoa President, No Gracias – Transparency in the process of
development and regulation of health technologies 

David Hammerstein Policy and Advocacy Officer, TACD – Innovation Challenges 

Questions and debate



Visions and Proposals

Vanessa López Director, Salud por Derecho, Presenter and moderator

The speakers from the previous roundtable will join the debate

Joan Rovira Economics Professor, University of  Barcelona

Representante de Farmaindustria (to be confirmed)

Questions and debate


13:45 – 14:00 

Reading of the Manifesto

Ana Etchenique Vicepresident, Spanish Confederation of Consumers (CECU)

Ángel Huélamo Director, Farmacéuticos sin Fronteras


Vanessa López 

Executive director. 

Fundación Salud por Derecho / The Right to Health Foundation

+34670215241 /+34914299387

Plaza de la Marina Española, 11 bajo B

28013 Madrid, Spain













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