[Ip-health] MSF intervention on Global Vaccine Action Plan - Agenda item 6.2 at WHO 134th Executive Board meeting

Joanna Keenan-Siciliano joanna.l.keenan at gmail.com
Mon Jan 20 08:28:53 PST 2014

MSF intervention on Global Vaccine Action Plan - Agenda item 6.2 at WHO
134th Executive Board meeting


Médecins Sans Frontières welcomes the recommendations of the Strategic
Advisory Group of Experts on the Global Vaccine Action Plan report.
Improving the availability and quality of data on vaccination – as
recommended in the Secretariat’s report - should indeed be a priority for
the GVAP.

Currently, the only vaccine price data that is openly and publicly
available on a systematic basis are the prices paid by the PAHO Revolving
Fund and by UNICEF for GAVI-supported vaccines.  It is otherwise unclear
what the majority of countries pay.

When the GVAP was adopted two years ago, several Member States raised
concerns on the lack of vaccine price affordability and the extremely high
prices paid by many middle income countries. Member States urged the GVAP
Secretariat to play an active role in improving affordability so that all
countries can benefit from life-saving vaccines. The cost of fully
vaccinating a child has increased by 2,700 percent over the last decade,
with a significant portion of the $51 billion dollar Decade of Vaccines
allocated for the cost of the vaccines alone. It is critical that the cost
of vaccines be monitored, particularly for countries that will lose GAVI
support, and the middle income countries that increasingly cannot afford
these high costs.

The SAGE recommendations to the GVAP Secretariat last November – on
securing information on vaccine prices and improving the indicators for
tracking vaccine affordability – should be implemented.

MSF urges the GVAP Secretariat to improve its role in the accurate and
timely collection of vaccine price data. Member States should:
Report prices paid by the public sector for vaccines to the Secretariat
agencies on an annual basis; and
Ensure the Secretariat is able to secure information on prices in
self-procuring middle-income countries, high-income countries and the
private market, in order to get a full and comprehensive picture of the
global vaccine market and provide benchmark prices to enable comparisons
and better procurement decisions.

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