[Ip-health] APPG on TB Releases Progressive Report on Global R&D

Chris Redd reddchris40 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 11 01:54:32 PDT 2014

Hey All,

Earlier this week, an All-Party Parliamentary Group on Global Tuberculosis
released their report '*Dying for a cure: research and development for
global health*'
The report was developed with input from UAEM, MSF Access, StopAIDs and
Policy Cures (amongst many others, including industry).

I haven't read the whole report yet, but already it seems to be making very
specific, progressive suggestions. At UAEM, we have been celebrating the
call to action on SRL which happens on p32-33. Looking through their
recommendations, KEI will be pleased to note a request for a WTO Provison
on Public Goods. There is also widespread endorsement of de-linkage.
Finally, although it is not radical (i.e. it doesn't reject patents
outright) there is still a strong critique of the way IP is currently used.
For example, read the discussion of TRIPs in South Africa on pages 27-8, or
see this quotation:

*The global spread of the TRIPS agreement, and stronger IP protection, has
not lead to an increase in private research for PRNDs as was hoped, and may
actually have decreased access to medicines.*

Regarding the influence of the the report, it does come from government,
but in an un-official capacity. For those of you that don't know, APPGs are
the parliamentary equivalent of student societies in a university (i.e. a
bunch of people gathering with a common interest). The report has the
weight of coming from MPs, but lacks the clout of a recommendation by an
official or executive body.

It strikes me that the impact of this report will largely be what we make
of it then. UAEM have already reached out to the authors re: the SRL
recommendation, however, we would be open to further collaboration on this

One suggestion would be a civil society Open Letter to someone in Govt,
asking them to respond to the report etc.


Chris Redd

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