[Ip-health] Senators Wyden and Grassley launch investigation of pricing of Sovaldi, treatment for Hepatitis C Virus

Jamie Love james.love at keionline.org
Fri Jul 11 09:53:17 PDT 2014


Senators Wyden and Grassley have written a very tough request for documents
about the pricing of Sovaldi, sent to John C. Martin, the Chair and CEO of
Gilead Sciences.

The eight page letter sets out in 21 number paragraphs and countless
sub-paragraphs a set requests for documents and information related to a
very sweeping number of issues relating to Hepatitis C, and the pricing of
Sovaldi (Gilead's brand name for sofosbuvir).

The Grassley press release on the letter is here:

The Senators letter is attached below.


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