[Ip-health] DWB special issue on access to medicines in developing countries

Stephanie Rosenberg srosenberg at citizen.org
Fri Jul 18 08:35:47 PDT 2014

Developing World Bioethics has just published a special issue on access to medicines in developing countries entitled: "Access to medicines in developing countries: ethical demands and moral economy"
Link here: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/dewb.2014.14.issue-2/issuetoc

Access to Medicines in Developing Countries: Ethical Demands and Moral Economy by Maurice Cassier and Marilena Correa 

Access to Medicines and Distributive Justice: Breaching Doha's Ethical Threshold by Rachel Kiddell-Monroe

The Right to Health and Medicines: The Case of Recent Multilateral Negotiations on Public Health, Innovation and Intellectual Property by German Velasquez 

Biomedicine, Public Health, and Citizenship in the Advent of Antiretrovirals in Botswana by Fanny Chabrol 

Asserting The Primacy of Health Over Patent Rights: A Comparative Study of the Processes that Led to the Use of Compulsory Licensing in Thailand and Brazil by Stephanie T. Rosenberg 

Making Tenofovir Accessible In The Brazilian Public Health System: Patent Conflicts And Generic Production by Juliana Veras 

Needs-Driven Versus Market-Driven Pharmaceutical Innovation: The Consortium for the Development of a New Medicine against Malaria in Brazil by Koichi Kameda  

The nature of bioethics revisited: A comment on Tomislav Bracanović by Amir Muzur

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