[Ip-health] GTPI documents on new Brazilian AIDS policy and Voluntary License of Atazanavir

Pedro Villardi pedro at abiaids.org.br
Tue Mar 11 14:19:14 PDT 2014

Dear colleagues,

I would like to share two position papers recently published by the Working
Group on Intellectual Property (GTPI, acronym in Portuguese), in Brazil.

The first one reffers to the new Test and Treat policy annouced by
Brazilian AIDS Programm and at the same time welcomes the policy and raises
concerns about the universal programm sustainability.

It can be find here: http://goo.gl/yS9vvS

The second one is about the atazanavir voluntary license signed by
Brazilian public laboratory Farmanguinhos and the transnational company
BMS. It brings some worrisome provision identified by GTPI and a brief
evaluation on the contract terms.

It can be find here: http://goo.gl/puXV6Y

Comments and thoughts are very welcome.

Thank you,

Pedro Villardi
Working Grup on Intellectual Property - GTPI/REBRIP
Associação Brasileira Interdisciplinar de AIDS - ABIA
Av. Presidente Vargas, 446/13° andar - Centro
Rio de Janeiro - RJ
tel 21 2223-1040 -  fax 21 2253-8495

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