[Ip-health] FINAL REMINDER: Seeking a new Alternate Communities Board Member to UNITAID. Deadline 16th March

Jessica Hamer JHamer at oxfam.org.uk
Thu Mar 13 14:02:15 PDT 2014

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FINAL REMINDER: The Communities Delegation to UNITAID is seeking 
applications for a new Alternate Board Member (unpaid position).
Application deadline: Sunday 16th March 2014 (24:00 GMT)
Full terms of reference for the role, and an application form, are 
available from the UNITAID Civil Society Delegations Liaison Officer, 
Jessica Hamer: jhamer at oxfam.org.uk. 
Please also send completed applications to jhamer at oxfam.org.uk
UNITAID is an international drug-purchasing facility, intervening for 
market impact to scale up access to prevention, diagnostic, and treatment 
products for HIV and AIDS, TB and malaria in developing countries. UNITAID 
raises money through a combination of taxes on airline tickets and 
long-term government funding.  UNITAID is also a vehicle to encourage 
follow-on innovation, to ensure medicines are available in formulations 
and combinations that are best suited to the target populations and 
treatment conditions in developing countries.
For more information on UNITAID, please see www.unitaid.eu
The Position: The Communities delegation to the Executive Board of 
UNITAID, representing Communities living with HIV, TB and affected by 
malaria, is looking to appoint a new Alternate Board Member (Alternate) to 
represent Communities. 

The Alternate will work with the Communities board member, liaison officer 
and delegations? Contact Group to represent the voices and issues of 
Communities affected by the three diseases.  Applicants must be living 
with HIV, have or have had TB or affected by malaria, and must be willing 
to commit 25% of their working time to the position.  Applicants must have 
the support of their organisation for the role and time commitment.
The term of service is 2 years (May 2014-June 2016). A handover is 
expected to take place with the current Communities Board member and 
Alternate at the next UNITAID Board and Committee meetings (May 2nd-7th). 
Please note: the Alternate Board member will be offered the Board member 
post (for a further two years) at completion of term, subject to 
satisfactory performance evaluations. 
The new Alternate should be available to attend two forthcoming UNITAID 
Board and Committee Meetings, and Civil Society Delegations? Pre-Board 
Meetings, running May 2nd-7th 2014, and June 8th-13th 2014.
Please note this is an unpaid position but travel costs will be covered by 
the UNITAID Secretariat. Some support towards telephone and other office 
costs will also be provided.
Full Terms of Reference for the position, details of selection criteria, 
and instructions on how to apply are available from jhamer at oxfam.org.uk. 
Applicants will be assessed through CV and application form, and will be 
asked to participate in a telephone interview if shortlisted. Please 
contact jhamer at oxfam.org.uk should you have any queries on the process.
We thank all applicants in advance for their interest. Results of the 
appointment will be circulated on listservs, in April 2014. 
Thanks and best wishes,
Nelson Otwoma (National Empowerment Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS 
in Kenya (NEPHAK), Communities Board Member (Outgoing))
Gracia Violeta Ross Quiroga (Red Nacional de Personas que Viven con VIH y 
Sida en Bolivia (REDBOL), Communities Alternate Board Member (Incoming 
Board Member))
Jessica Hamer (Liaison Officer, Civil Society Delegations to UNITAID)

Jessica Hamer | Liaison Officer, Civil Society Delegations to UNITAID 
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