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***Apologies for cross posting**This week over 2500 health activists
marched in Pretoria to the Department of Trade and Industry, and in Cape
Town to the South African Parliament to demand urgent finalisation of South
Africa's Intellectual Property Policy in line with Constitutional
obligations. More details below.MINISTER ROB DAVIES - OUR LIVES ARE IN YOUR
HANDS!2014-03-11 PRETORIA -- Marching to the Department of Trade and
Industry (DTI), the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), Doctors Without
Borders (MSF) and SECTION27 led 1,000 health activists to demand the
finalisation of a National Intellectual Property (IP) Policy before the
general elections, to provide South Africans better access to the drugs
they need through legislative reforms."It's been six years since the
Department of Trade and Industry started work on the IP policy and we
cannot wait any longer. DTI has to keep to its promise to complete it by
April - before the elections on 7 May - so the laws can start to change. We
cannot afford to keep lining the pockets of international pharmaceutical
companies at the expense of South Africans who need vital
drugs," says Andrew Mosane of the Treatment Action Campaign.READ MORE:

*2014-03-13, C**APE TOWN - *Marching to Parliament the Treatment Action
Campaign (TAC), Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and SECTION27 led over 1,500
health activists from 13 organisations to express dismay over the
government's ongoing delays in completing South Africa's Intellectual
Property (IP) policy, in line with their Constitutional obligation to
realise people's right to health.

*"It's taken the Department of Trade and Industry six years to work on the
policy which could allow people in South Africa far greater access to
affordable medicines. That's longer than today's outgoing members of
Parliament have been working to usher in better laws! As MPs now embark on
electioneering they should take up this issue in their constituencies where
many people's lives depend on access to affordable drugs. MPs should wake
up and push the DTI to stick to their public promise to complete the
National IP Policy by April,**" *says Anele Yawa of the Treatment Action



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