[Ip-health] Announcement from CS Delegations to UNITAID: New Communities Alternate Board Member to UNITAID Kenly Sikwese Recruited

Jessica Hamer JHamer at oxfam.org.uk
Mon May 19 05:52:45 PDT 2014

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The Communities Delegation to UNITAID Board is pleased to announce the 
appointment of their new Alternate Board member, Kenly Sikwese.

Kenly Sikwese was recruited to the post of UNITAID Alternate Board Member 
for the delegation representing Communities living with HIV or TB, and/or 
affected by malaria, in April 2014. 

About Kenly Sikwese

Kenly Sikwese currently lives in Lusaka (Zambia). He is an advocate for 
expanded HIV treatment access programs, rapid treatment scale-up and 
stigma reduction. He has many years? experience working with local and 
global efforts in HIV testing and treatment and is a speaker at several 
local and international forums on issues related to people living with 
Kenly worked in the private sector in Zambia for 15 years and briefly 
lived in the UK where he joined the HIV movement with the Terrence Higgins 
Trust (East) among others.  On his return to Zambia in 2007, he has worked 
with various HIV programs including Our Lady?s Hospice, the Network of 
Zambian People Living with HIV (NZP+) where he worked as the Country 
Coordinator implementing the PLHIV Stigma Index and other research tools, 
a collaboration between GNP+ , World AIDS Campaign, and country networks 
of people living with HIV.  Between 2011 and 2013, Kenly continued to 
collaborate with the two organisations to support 9 African countries in 
human rights based research and stigma measurement.
Kenly is Lead on the Positive Health Outcomes Programme, a founder member 
of the African Community Advisory Board (AFROCAB) and its first 
Coordinator. The AFROCAB is a network of activists and advocates promoting 
the rapid access to quality antiretroviral treatment and diagnostics with 
a membership from 23 different organisations across the African continent. 
He has participated in the development of testing and treatment guidelines 
with WHO and continues to articulate the role of affected communities in 
service delivery.
Kenly is also the African Alternate Delegate - NGO Delegation of the 
UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board (PCB) and a member of the UNAIDS 
Treatment 2015 Advisory Group. Kenly has been engaged with the Communities 
Delegation to UNITAID Board for a number of years, participating in its 
Communities Support Team and in several delegation and UNITAID meetings. 
Changes to the Communities Delegation to UNITAID Board

Kenly will assume the role of Alternate Board member at the June 2014 
UNITAID Board meeting. 

Nelson Otwoma, outgoing Board member, of the National Empowerment Network 
of People Living with HIV/AIDS in Kenya, will step down ahead of this 
meeting, which will also see Gracia Violeta Ross Quiroga, of Red Nacional 
de Personas que Viven con VIH y Sida en Bolivia, assume the post of Board 
member following her two-year term as Alternate.

The Communities delegation to UNITAID has benefited from Nelson Otwoma?s 
commitment and expertise since 2009, and sincerely thank him for his work 
serving the Communities delegation during this time. 

UNITAID is an international drug-purchasing facility, intervening for 
market impact to scale up access to prevention, diagnostic, and treatment 
products for HIV and AIDS, TB and malaria in developing countries. UNITAID 
raises money through a combination of taxes on airline tickets and 
long-term government funding.  UNITAID is also a vehicle to encourage 
follow-on innovation, to ensure medicines are available in formulations 
and combinations that are best suited to the target populations and 
treatment conditions in developing countries.
For more information on UNITAID, please see www.unitaid.eu 
For more information on the Communities delegation or selection process, 
please contact JHamer at oxfam.org.uk 
Selection Process: New UNITAID Alternate Board Member Representing 

1.      Existing Communities Board Members and delegation Key Advisor 
reviewed and agreed upon the Alternate Board Member?s terms of reference, 
application process, application form, selection criteria and advert for 
the post. 
2.      The delegations? Liaison Officer (LO) circulated the advert and 
application documents (including selection criteria) to the Contact Group 
of the Civil Society Delegations, and on public listservs 
3.    The Liaison Officer recruited a voluntary ?selection panel? 
comprised of current Communities Board Member and Alternate Board Member , 
two Contact Group members and one civil society representative external to 
the delegations.
4.      The Liaison Officer assessed applications for completeness at the 
time of deadline, two and a half weeks after the advert was first 
5.      Members of the selection panel separately scored all complete 
applications received against the selection criteria (fully met/partially 
met/not met). The scores given by each selection panel member were 
collated by the LO. 
6.      The selection panel discussed and decided by email which 
candidates to invite to interview based on their total scores against the 
selection criteria, and developed a set of standard interview questions to 
ask all candidates. 
7.      Members of the selection panel interviewed four candidates by 
telephone. Full notes of each interview were shared with selection panel 
8.      The selection panel discussed and decided by email who to select 
as the new Communities Alternate Board Member, informed by original 
applications, scoring against criteria and performance at interview. 

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