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Registrar of Copyrights GR Raghavender moves to DIPP
by Anita Iyer (May 19,

*Copyright Board to be functional in four months, says the erstwhile
Registrar of Copyrights*

GR Raghavender has moved on from his post of Registrar of Copyrights and
Director at Government of India, Ministry of Human Resource Development and
is now the Director IPR at Department Of Industrial Policy & Promotion
(DIPP). Amit Shukla from the Indian Forest Services (IFS) has been
appointed as the interim Registrar.

*Sound Box* spoke to him last week as he assumed responsibility of his new
role at DIPP. Looking back at his tenure he says, “It is with a heavy heart
that I left the office but I am lucky to continue working in the
intellectual property space in my new role.” He received an extension till
June 30 but grabbed the profile as it came his way. Some of the highlights,
he recalls are, “The trials and tribulations of getting the amendments to
the Copyright Act passed and the equally taxing task of framing the rules.
Introducing e-filing facility and e-governance in the Copyright Office was
an important move as authors and publishers can file their applications

Raghavender had an instrumental role to play in the passage of the
amendments to the Copyright Act and the formulation of the Copyright Rules
thereafter. Balancing the views and opinions of the fragmented music
industry, he worked along with the creative fraternity (authors and
composers) and the music industry (music labels, producers, users) at large
to bring in the amendments.

As part of the amendments, work on setting up of a permanent Copyright
Board had begun this year. He elaborates, “The Copyright board has made
some serious improvements as we have found a place in August Kranti Bhavan
owned by HUDCO. The MoU has been signed and Educational Consultants India
Limited (EdCIL), the autonomous body under the Ministry has begun work on
constructing chambers, court rooms, meeting rooms and the infrastructure

Regarding appointments at the Copyright Board, he mentions that the Supreme
Court Chief Justice has requested to give a three member panel and will be
posting a member soon. For appointment of other two members, a search
committee has already being constituted with law secretary and DIPP
secretary as members. With the infrastructure in place and appointments
getting sorted in the meanwhile, the Copyright Board will be functional in
four months.

As a WIPO expert, Raghavender got ample opportunities to travel and deliver
speeches in Cambodia, Bhutan, Singapore, Maldives among other places. He
significantly contributed in finalization and adoption of WIPO treaties
namely, Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances, 2012 and the Marrakesh
Treaty to facilitate access to published works for the blind, visually
impaired or otherwise print disabled, 2013.

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