[Ip-health] 67th WHA Side Event on Innovation and Access for Middle-Income Countries, Wednesday 21 May 2014

Thiru Balasubramaniam thiru at keionline.org
Tue May 20 21:32:23 PDT 2014


This Wednesday 21 May 2014, Knowledge Ecology International (KEI), Civil
Society Coalition, Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), Oxfam, Health Action
International (HAI) and Treatment Action Group (TAG) will host a side event
at the WHA on, "Innovation and Access to Medicines and Vaccines: Emerging
Challenges and Opportunities for Middle-Income Countries."

Governments, patients and treatment providers in developing countries are
facing rising prices of new medicines, vaccines and other essential medical
technologies. Due to decades of pressure to ramp up intellectual property
protection, multinational pharmaceutical companies’ increased interest in
“emerging” markets, and the decreased availability of global health and
development funding, governments that are considered “middle income
economies” are seeing the cost of medical technologies they need to keep
populations healthy skyrocketing. This is happening while both communicable
and non-communicable diseases are affecting poor patients living in
developing countries.

This event will consider many options to increase both innovation and
access, including the use of TRIPS flexibilities, technology transfer to
accelerate multi-source production, pooled procurement, health technology
assessment, price controls and reference pricing are also widely applied
cost-containment measures. It will also highlight that member States have
also agreed to explore and promote a range of new incentive mechanisms that
promote both innovation and access by de-linking the cost of R&D from the
price of products and will examine the controversial strategy of tiered
pricing notably promoted by the Global Fund to Fight AIDs, TB, and Malaria.

For background information on the topics to be discuss please see the
attached document. See below for full logistical details:

When: Wednesday 21 May 2014 from 13:15-14:45

Where: Room XXVI, Palais des Nations, Avenue de la Paix 14, 1211 Geneve 10,


Please RSVP to: Lara.Dovifat at berlin.MSF.org

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