[Ip-health] Updated IP-Watch piece: WHO Committee Agrees Plan For Sustainable R&D; TDR May Host Pooled Fund

Thiru Balasubramaniam thiru at keionline.org
Sat May 24 04:27:28 PDT 2014


[Update] *First-Ever Fund based on Delinkage?*

“What was important is that the World Health Organization is creating a
pooled fund for research and development that is based upon delinkage, that
includes not only type III but also type II and some aspects of Type I
diseases,” James Love, president of Knowledge Ecology International (KEI),
told *Intellectual Property Watch*. “Delinkage is being mainstreamed.”

“Delinkage means getting the drugs at generic prices all the time,” so the
cost of the drug has nothing to do with the cost of the R&D, Love said.
“That’s radical.”

This has been the “endgame” of the “innovation and access” movement, he
said. “There’s no other solution that will get you there,” Love said of
delinkage. “It’s not the best solution, it’s the only solution. “Until you
stop linking R&D with price you are going to have these problems.”

“It’s the first time a fund has been set up committed to the principle of
delinkage,” he said.

It also “makes sense” to build on the existing secretariat structure, he
said, referring to TDR.

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