[Ip-health] BNA: Stakeholders Present Myriad Views To Negotiators of Transatlantic Trade Pact

Thiru Balasubramaniam thiru at keionline.org
Fri Oct 3 03:01:52 PDT 2014

*International Trade*
Stakeholders Present Myriad Views To Negotiators of Transatlantic Trade Pact

*Transatlantic Trade **and** Investment Partnership (**TTIP**)*

*Key Development:* Diverse views reflected in stakeholder presentations.

*What's Next:* Seventh round to end Oct. 3.

*By Len Bracken <lbracken at bna.com>*

Oct. 1 — Scores of stakeholders from nongovernmental organizations, labor
unions and business groups Oct. 1 presented diverse and often conflicting
views to the U.S. and EU negotiators of the Transatlantic
Trade and Investment Partnerships (TTIP) agreement.

At the midway point in the week-long seventh round of the talks, the chief
negotiators and members of the two negotiating teams attended presentations
covering the environment, wages, investment, industrial tariffs,
innovation and many other issues.


While business groups such as the Trans-Atlantic Business Council (TABC)
made the case that theTTIP should have a strong intellectual property
rights chapter to ensure that innovative industries reap the rewards of
their research and development, consumer advocacy groups such as Knowledge
Ecology International (KEI) warned that the TTIP could make pharmaceutical
drugs even more expensive for consumers.

TABC's Hendrike Kuehl said her group would like to see innovation policies
in all areas of the TTIPagreement, notably in access to funding and raw
materials. KEI's Manon Ress stressed that the trend of increased damages for
infringements of patents and copyrights, combined with ISDS, could make
patent cases more likely under the TTIP.

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