[Ip-health] WIPO shenanigans

George Carter gmcfiar at gmail.com
Wed Oct 8 03:21:28 PDT 2014

Sadly, the UN seems to be increasingly infested with crooks and extortionists bent on pushing profiteering to the limits of our planet's capacity to sustain our species' existence. Yet another symptom of the plague of humanity's willingness to commit self-inflicted extinction.
George M. Carter

Today I want to tell you about an important new campaign -- and also about three campaigns that have just ended.  

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is a United Nations agency you've probably never heard of.  As a UN agency, you'd expect WIPO to lead by example in respecting workers' rights.  Instead, WIPO's boss has chosen to sack the staff union's president, who was seen to be a troublemaker.  

If this is sounding familiar, it may be because we ran a campaign a year ago calling on UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to respect workers rights -- and we won.

Getting WIPO to respect workers' rights is a campaign we can win.  Please take a moment to learn more and send your message:


In recent weeks we've asked for your support for workers at NXP in the Philippines (who make parts for the Apple iPhone), for Prosegur workers in Latin America who have been victims of company-inspired violence, and for a Thunderclap yesterday demanding an end to precarious work.
The NXP workers actually won a big victory following a campaign on LabourStart in 13 languages that got 8,500 messages of protest.  Full details are here.
UNI Global Union has decided to ramp up its campaign against Prosegur by taking the case to the UN Human Rights Council.  Our campaign in a dozen languages generated nearly 7,000 protest messages to the company. More details are here.
And finally, thanks to all of you who signed up to support yesterday's IndustriALL Thunderclap.  When we asked for your help, we were struggling to reach the initial goal of 250 supporters.  But in the end, we had 1,592 supporters who simultaneously posted to Facebook and Twitter, and whose messages reached nearly 1,200,000 people.  Well done!
Thanks for your support.  Please spread the word to your friends, family and fellow union members.

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