[Ip-health] new transition period proposal in WikiLeaks TPP text

Steven Knievel sknievel at citizen.org
Thu Oct 16 07:10:38 PDT 2014

Many have written on the shortfalls of the differential treatment proposal which would allow developing countries to delay implementation of certain IP provisions until they reach a certain development threshold ("high income" status according to the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development).

The new text includes an alternative transition periods proposal which instead places countries in one of three categories, and requires implementation schedules with static time frames based on countries' categorization. We see this as even less desirable than the previous differential treatment approach, as under the new proposal, a county would have to implement the full slate of IP provisions within X (likely 10) years, regardless of its level of economic development.

Determining which approach to take is a very live issue at the negotiations right now. 

Find our full analysis of the new transition periods proposal and commentary here: http://www.citizen.org/documents/tpp-transition-periods.pdf  

More of our analyses on the leaked text is here: http://www.citizen.org/tpp-ip-wikileaks  


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