[Ip-health] (Fwd) TAC played no role in access to AIDS medicines (Jim Kim & Paul Farmer lose it)

Vuyiseka Dubula vuyiseka at tac.org.za
Sat Sep 13 22:47:00 PDT 2014

In trying to understand Paul and Jim would decide to take this line maybe
it is trying to demonstrate that health is a global public good that all
global leaders must see what is happening in West Africa as their problem
too. However I do not agree with their example about AIDS ; they are very
short sighted both authors know very well that Bush did not act through his
own willingness but because of public pressure in the US and globally
especially from the South.

Maybe they have forgotten that it took a while for South African people
living with HIV to have access to treatment regardless of what Bush (
Americans did not have access ARV's under his leadership, he protected
monopoly of multinational pharmaceutical companies and extension of patent
rights for maximum profits even in poor countries - as a result many people
living with HIV died) , Fauci ( identifying HIV and contributing to the
word class ARVs we have now) and Dybul did. Change was not only brought
about by the North in developing countries such as India, Brazil and South
Africa - but people themselves pushed their countries for change.

So I think they have forgotten the basics of what brought real change and
definitely it was not leadership of Bush


On 14 September 2014 04:26, Patrick Bond <pbond at mail.ngo.za> wrote:

>  (Apparent sycophancy to Washington's power allows this discrediting of
> AIDS activists by two who should know - and do - better. It was published
> originally in the *Washington Post *last week: "Just 15 years ago,
> Western experts said confidently that there was little that rich countries
> could do to stop the global AIDS crisis, which was killing millions of
> people in Africa and elsewhere. Today, thanks to leadership and advocacy
> from President George W. Bush, a bipartisan coalition of members in
> Congress, courageous faith-based organizations and U.S. government
> researchers such as Tony Fauci and Mark Dybul, more than 10 million
> Africans are getting lifesaving treatment.")
> What the Ebola fight is missing
>    Email
>    September 06, 2014 10:30 am  •  JIM YONG KIM, physician and World Bank
> president, and PAUL FARMER, physician and Harvard professor
> <http://host.madison.com/search/?l=50&sd=desc&s=start_time&f=html&byline=JIM%20YONG%20KIM%2C%20physician%20and%20World%20Bank%20president%2C%20and%20PAUL%20FARMER%2C%20physician%20and%20Harvard%20professor>
> http://host.madison.com/news/opinion/column/jim-yong-kim-and-paul-farmer-what-the-ebola-fight/article_601b4ade-a8d8-57e1-bd2b-604b2e2162d4.html#ixzz3DCJDJhyE

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