[Ip-health] (Fwd) TAC played no role in access to AIDS medicines (Jim Kim & Paul Farmer lose it)

Mohga Kamal-Yanni mkamalyanni at Oxfam.org.uk
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Personally speaking, I cannot help thinking that the origin of PEPFAR was 
that Bush wanted to clean himself from the dit of Iraq war, found strong 
campaign by civil society and people living with HIV so he rode on!

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(Apparent sycophancy to Washington's power allows this discrediting of 
AIDS activists by two who should know - and do - better. It was 
published originally in the /Washington Post /last week: "Just 15 years 
ago, Western experts said confidently that there was little that rich 
countries could do to stop the global AIDS crisis, which was killing 
millions of people in Africa and elsewhere. Today, thanks to leadership 
and advocacy from President George W. Bush, a bipartisan coalition of 
members in Congress, courageous faith-based organizations and U.S. 
government researchers such as Tony Fauci and Mark Dybul, more than 10 
million Africans are getting lifesaving treatment.")

  What the Ebola fight is missing

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September 06, 2014 10:30 am  . JIM YONG KIM, physician and World Bank 
president, and PAUL FARMER, physician and Harvard professor 


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