[Ip-health] Biden presses Colombia to block biosimilar drugs | Knowledge Ecology International

Jamie Love james.love at keionline.org
Thu Sep 18 03:01:23 PDT 2014


On September 8, 2014, Vice President Joe Biden wrote to Juan Manuel Santos
Calderón, the President of Colombia. In the letter, Biden registered a
complaint about the regulations in Colombia to register biosimilar drugs. A
copy of the letter from Vice President Joe Biden is available here, and
includes this quote:

In order to deepen and expand our bilateral economic cooperation, we should
maintain our focus on pressing matters of consequence to our trade agenda.
Among these are the implementation of Colombia’s intellectual property
rights commitments and sustained progress on the Colombia Labor Action
Plan. We remain concerned about . . . the biologics decree, which the World
Health Organization and US experts believe could put health and safety at
risk. Ultimately, such discussions and policy differences should be
understood as a result of our shared success and our desire to build on
that success, and I am confident our governments can find a way to address
these issues.
What is Biden referring to? This is how USTR has described the dispute, in
the 2014 National Trade Estimate Report on Foreign Trade Barriers.


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