[Ip-health] My father-in-law

Nina Mahmud nina.a.mahmud at gmail.com
Mon Sep 22 19:10:16 PDT 2014

Hello Mr. Love,
I want to let you know that my father-in-law passed away last Friday approximately 4pm Eastern time. He finished the medication a few weeks ago and soon after everything started to fail. He was admitted to the ICU last week and hospice last Thursday. Everything happened very quick. You know it's inevitable but you can never be fully prepared. 

I have spent the last few months trying to figure out how I can thank you and everyone who played a role in helping my father-in-law access medication. You gave us time and that's been priceless for the whole family. I don't know how to repay that, but know you, Manon, Claire and everyone are in my thoughts and prayers every night (except Bayer of course. I give them the evil eye daily). Everyone is still in shock and grieving. I hope to talk to you soon. I am currently without a cell phone but will call you when I get one.

I know my father-in-law is watching over us all from Heaven including the KEI family.

Have a beautiful week and be blessed,

Sent with Love

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