[Ip-health] Release of Oxfam/HAI Europe report : Trading away access to medicines - revisited: please share and tweet!

Leila Bodeux leb at oxfamsol.be
Mon Sep 29 01:45:41 PDT 2014

Dear all,

Today, HAI Europe and Oxfam release a new paper entitled: “*Trading away 
access to medicines - revisited: How the European trade agenda continues 
to undermine access to medicines”//*

You can download it from:

The release coincides with the hearing of the nominated European Trade 
Commissioner, Cecilia Malmström, in front of the European Parliament, 
and the start of the seventh round of Transatlantic Trade and Investment 
Partnership (TTIP) negotiations between the EU and the US.__


  * Today, more than *2 billion *people *lack access to affordable
  * The *European trade agenda keeps the price of new medicines high* by
    imposing stringent intellectual property (IP) protection and
    investment measures in *free trade deals* that it negotiates with
    countries such as India or Thailand.
  * The controversial Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
    (*TTIP)* in negotiations between the EU and the US *risks
    threatening public health in Europe and setting a terrible
    precedent* for future trade deals between the EU and developing
  * Europe’s research and development *(R&D) model, which relies on
    strict IP rights, favours drug firms’ profits over the health needs
    of people living in developing countries.*
  * The *European Commission defends* in its trade policies the economic
    *interests of the powerful pharmaceutical sector* at the detriment
    of millions of people with no access to affordable life-saving

_In a nutshell, the report argues that:_

  * *I**nsufficient innovation and a lack of access to affordable
    medicines* are major barriers to achieving the right to health in
    low- and middle-income countries.
  * The absence of a widely accessible Ebola treatment and the
    prohibitively high price of new hepatitis C ($84,000 per treatment)
    and cancer medicines//highlights the *need to rethink our current
    research and development (R&D) model* which is failing us
  * *Innovative models that create new and affordable medicines* should
    be supported.
  * *Trade policies should not be used as a tool to defend strict
    Intellectual property (IP) provisions* which put in jeorpardy access
    to medicines in developing countries and beyond
  * *TTIP**should not threaten public health* in Europe and set a
    dangerous precedent for future trade deals between the EU and
    developing countries.

_Our objective_

We are asking the new Trade Commissioner to use its new *5-years 
mandate* to lead *on trade and R&D policies which:*

  * *Meet health needs* and do not favour commercial interests over
    patients’ needs
  * Are *aligned and coherent* with EU’s development and (global) health

Tweets _

Please feel free to use the following tweets and the ones from HAI 
Europe to help us publicize the report!

What’s @EU_TTIP_team thinking? #TTIP could allow Big Pharma to sue 
governments over unprofitable healthcare policy _http://oxf.am/rbu_

Exposed – New @Oxfam & @HAIEurope report shows @EU_Commission trade 
agenda threatens access to #medicine for billions http://oxf.am/KUP

Should Big Pharma profits trump affordable #medicine? Our new report 
shows @Trade_EU seem to think so _http://oxf.am/rbu_

New #HepC med could cure 150m ppl, but at $1000 a pill it won’t. Our new 
report shows how Big Pharma puts profits b4 people _http://oxf.am/KUP_

1st line HIV treatment prices have dropped by 99% since 2000. Cheaper 
meds are possible but delayed by patent monopolies _http://oxf.am/rbu_

Please disseminate this email to anyone who could be interested



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